Your Guide to VHS to Digital Copies

Your Guide to VHS to Digital Copies post thumbnail image

In our VHS to Digital conversion guide, we will talk you through the many ways you can convert your old VHS tapes. With how fast technology is growing, if you have any valuable tapes that hold any of your media-related work then now is the time to preserve your sources. The format was never created to last forever and just like everything else around us, with age, it degrades. Graphic design, photography, broadcast and the overall media industry work closely together to complete projects. So, if you want to salvage the footage from your production before time takes its toll, use our VHS to Digital conversion guide to help you save those footage captured.

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What VHS to Digital Conversions Need

When it comes to converting VHS to digital copies, everything depends on the medium that you choose. Firstly, you need to choose the format you would like to use for your conversion. Are you looking to convert to DVD, memory stick or perhaps save everything on a cloud backup which can be easily shared through the web. Secondly, you need to think about the equipment that is used in digitising any VHS tapes. If you do not have the necessary tools then there are many digitising services that can help. Not only are they completely efficient, but they are also cost-effective for those of you who do not have the technical equipment. Let’s take a closer look at the VHS to digital services that are available.

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What Conversions Do They Offer?

If you are reading this guide then we know you are looking to convert VHS to digital copies, but just to let you know, many services also allow you to convert cine, audio or scan photos. They have the best technology to carry thousands of conversions a day which make them ideal for a large volume of VHS tapes that need converting. When it comes to your VHS tapes, there are many options from which you can choose such as DVD, memory stick and cloud back up to name a few. All you need to to do is to mail your tapes and they will provide you with the newly digitised files, plus your original tapes. There are many great websites that offer their services for a more affordable price, so make sure to take the time out to find the company that works best for you.

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Why VHS to Digital?

There are plenty of reasons for which you might want to consider VHS to digital conversions. Digital recordings are far more reliable and less likely to damage than analogue tapes, which can deteriorate over time and require special equipment to restore them. Whether you’re looking to digitise your tapes for work or need copies of a special event like your wedding days or graduation recording, then using a professional company is the best way to do it.